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Call for Abstracts

Overview Of Requirements


1. All authors:

a. The author submitting the abstract is designated as the “lead author”. There may only be one lead author per abstract submission.

b. All additional authors are designated as co-authors.

c. Each abstract may have a maximum of 7 co-authors.

d. Lead author provides email information to create co-authors. The emails provided will only be used to contact co-authors if there are any questions regarding their required materials.

e. All communication regarding the status of an abstract will occur between the lead author and SCNESA.

f. All authors are required to complete the following forms:

            Conflict Of Interest Form

            Educational Planning Table (only completed by the lead author)


2. The following criteria are used to review all abstract submissions

See Link


3. Parts of the abstract:

a. Title: should be concise, clear, and relate to the content of the abstract.

b. Abstract text: describe your topic, and its relevance to the SCNESA audience. If this is a research abstract include information regarding methodology. If this is a non-research abstract provide enough information for the committee to determine the relevance and feasibility of replication in another setting. Text is limited to 750 words not counting title and references.

c. References: Include at least five references from peer-reviewed journals for research abstracts and at least three references from peer-reviewed journals for non-research abstracts. References should be less than ten years old or seminal works.


An invitation to present at the conference will be emailed to the lead author by the end of April 2023. At least one author from an accepted abstract is expected to fully register as an attendee and present at the conference in Hilton Head on July 14, 2023.


Presentation Type Descriptions (lead authors must note the type of presentation on abstract submission):

Thirty Minute Concurrent means that you will present in a 25-minute time slot which includes Q/A.

            Poster presentation means that you will present your topic on a poster no larger than 24 x 36 inches. Posters must be hung by 0845 and taken down by 1530. Time is allowed for poster viewing during breaks and lunch. Please bring materials needed to hang your poster such as push pins.

Once your abstract has been submitted, please try to avoid changes concerning title, author(s) or abstract information.


We understand that there is some redundancy in the information required for submission. However, in order to apply for contact hours through SCNA, we are required to collect the information in multiple locations in order to remain compliant with regulations. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact

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