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Melanie Cason SCNESA Service Award

The Melanie Cason SCNESA Service Award is awarded to a member of SCNESA for their contributions to the alliance.

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Dr. Sabrina Cook 

2022 Award Winner

Inaugural Member; Current Governance Committee Chair; Active member of the Governance, Suitability, and Education Committee. Built the SCNESA website, managed the website and social media until helping to create the Technology Coordinator position.

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Sarah Screws

2022 Award Winner

Inaugural Member; aided in planning and executing first SCNESA Conference in 2018;  Served on Education Committee, Current Education Committee Chair

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Dr. Sabrina Cook 

2021 Award Winner

Sabrina Cook has been an integral part of SCNESA since 2018. She built and maintains the SCNESA website. She manages all activities related to technology and social media for the Alliance. She has served on the Education Committee, the Governance Committee, and the Sustainability Committee. She is currently the Governance Chair and a Board member.

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Dr. Melanie Leigh Cason

2020 Award Winner

The board voted to give the inaugural Service Award to Dr. Melanie Leigh Cason for her outstanding contributions to establishing and serving the Alliance.  She will receive this plaque, along with a monetary award to be used for continuing education.  The award will be granted annually and named in Dr. Cason’s honor.

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